We are delighted that you have chosen KUAILIAN in the quest to improve your personal economic future.

Kuailian’s goal is to offer innovative products and services that you will be able to share with others.

You will be able to participate at the level you want, with our Compensation Plan (KUAIPLAN), you decide whether you want to create a medium-term income or whether you want to build a full-time business.

Bear in mind when choosing your level of participation that your income is directly related to the effort you put in sharing our products with new clients.


The present Compensation Plan (KUAIPLAN) will allow you to generate income in the short, medium and long term.

There are 3 types of Bonuses:

Our plan does not pay more than our revenue, this prevents the creation of false expectations about impossible profits which could disappoint the Affiliate.

1.1 Fast bonus

This bonus will distribute a total of 20% of the software license value, in Ethereum cryptocurrency, taking into consideration the licenses your customers have acquired.

The total 20% will be structured as follows:

The plan will pay you 10% of the bonus for the Software license acquired by your first level clients, that is, the clients that you refer personally.

By the above we mean, that the software licenses purchased by your direct referrals or first level clients will generate you a 10% commission, on Ethereum value, from the total value of the software licenses.

If one of your clients refers Kuailian to other clients, these clients will then become your clients of second level. This will give you the right to receive a 3% of the software licenses they purchase.

If the clients of second level also refer Kuailian to other clients, these will become your third level clients, and you will receive a 2% of the purchased licenses on this third level.

The clients from the third level onwards may also have clients beneath them. You can have up to 10 levels of clients, and you will be able to collect percentages of all those levels in accordance with the purchase of Software license (see the table below to check the corresponding % to each level).

To collect this bonus, it is not necessary that you have made the purchase of a Software license in your personal account.

The percentages which we have already mentioned can be seen in the table below:

This bonus will be generated once the purchase of a Software License has been completed. The payment will be made in less than 48 hours.

The corresponding commission will be received every day in your ETHEREUM wallet, in a single payment which will group all the commissions that correspond to you for the sales of software licenses that have been made throughout the previous day.

Every time a client in one of your levels makes a new purchase of a Software license, you will generate commissions and will receive the corresponding percentage established in the table above in accordance with the level the customer is in.

1.2 Residual Bonus

The residual bonus allows you to generate a daily passive income through the software licenses purchased by your clients for as long as those licenses are active.

This residual bonus distributes a total of 18.50% of the daily yield of the pool, and will pay you taking into consideration the clients you may have in the 10 levels beneath you.

The 18,50% will be structured as follows:

The plan pays in this bonus an 8% return of the total returns obtained (100%) in one day from the software licenses acquired by your first level clients, that is, the clients that you refer personally. There is no limitation of software licenses by level.

If one of your first level clients refers to other clients, these clients will become clients of your second level, and that will give you a 4% of the total yields obtained in one day, from the active Software license of the clients in that level.

You will receive a 1% of the total yields obtained in one day, from your third level clients and so on up to the seventh level of customers, and then in portions of 0.5% per level up to the tenth level, which is the final level anyone can have.

You can collect percentages of the returns obtained within the software license of the clients you have under you up to the tenth level.

Please find enclosed the table outlining the different levels and its corresponding percentages:

You will receive the above percentages as long as you reach each level and unlock it.

The requirements which have to be met and that will be taken into consideration, to be able to qualify and unlock new levels, are the following:

  1. The amount of Kuais you have in your personal account,
  2. The total Kuais that you have in the levels 1 to 10,
  3. The Kuais you have in your first level.

If you comply with the above requirements you will have the right to the commissions set forth in the table.

It is important to advise you that if you do not qualify, by meeting the requirements set in this section, you will not be able to perceive the commissions from your referrals that have qualified, but that you haven’t unlocked. These commissions will consequently be lost.


Therefore, if you do not qualify, but in the referrals and clients beneath you some of them do qualify in upper levels, you will not be paid those dividends that your higher ranks make.

1.3. Leadership or dividends bonus

This bonus is aimed at promoters who reach the ranks of Global Ambassador, Ambassador, Main shareholder, Shareholder and President.

This bonus will pay 2.5% of the daily performance of the Smart Pool. Please note that it will be paid on a quarterly basis.

The leadership bonus is reserved and distributed among all those qualified for this Bonus.

To qualify for this Bonus, it is necessary to meet the following requirements, set forth in the table:



The Compensation Plan (KUAIPLAN) also contains a rewards program for those who reach the INTERNATIONAL DIRECTOR rank, and above ranks, which go up to Shareholder.

This is an award which aims to give recognition for the work and dedication, demonstrated in the sale of software license, as well as in the development and expansion of the KUAILIAN project.

Once the Affiliate qualifies for any of the prizes, they will be placed on the list of prizes to be sent on a quarterly basis.

The rewards given to the International director, Vice-president and Senior Vice Presidents are as follows:


Those who qualify for president, will receive the prize indicated in the table below.

From the Shareholder rank onwards, all qualified members will participate in the Leadership rewards, which includes an organized trip to a retreat.


It is of great importance to remark that from the rank of International director to Global Ambassador you will have to meet the 40,40,20 rule in order to unlock the rank reward.

This rule implies that the Affiliate will have a limitation imposed which consists in a limit to the total volume required to reach a rank. This is a limit in itself to the volume that can come from one direct line of sponsorship. There is a maximum of 40% per sponsorship line, but there is no minimum, therefore if you surpass 40% of volume within the ten levels of depth, you will be able to rank, but the amount that surpasses will not be counted. This does not affect the referred lines, which you can have as many as you want.

By this we mean you can have:

Therefore, to reach 100% there is different possibilities. For further illustrations we will set different examples:



*1000 kuais/team.

Therefore, you will not rank If the following situations are given:

(only 4000Kuais – 40% – will be taken into account in the first leg)

(only 4000Kuais will be taken into account in the first leg)


KUAIS: is a staking capacity unit with the minimum of 100 USD, a Kuai is equivalent to = 100 USD staking capacity. «Kuai» holders will not have rights or any role in the decision-making and business-related activities of the company. «Kuai» licenses are not securities, shares or their equivalent and do not give the right to ownership of the Company.

Affiliate: Is the person that recommends Kuailian’s products and services to others.

If customers don’t acquire our services, KUAILIAN does not offer any compensation through KUAIPLAN. The success of those who promote KUAILIAN’s services is not guaranteed, since it depends solely on the individual efforts of each of them. Not everyone who promotes KUAILIAN makes profits and the income is not guaranteed under any circumstances.


The Company may modify, amend, change, add or remove certain terms and conditions set forth in the Compensation Plan (Kuaiplan).

If the Compensation Plan (KUAIPLAN) is modified in any way the Company will give notice of the changes by posting the modified terms on the Company’s website or in your personal Backoffice.

The modifications will take effect once the Customers have received notice in their Backoffice, or once it has been posted on the website.

It is the Customer’s responsibility to check the Compensation Plan (KUAIPLAN) and the Website periodically for any changes.